Random Dot Pattern Projectors for 3D Sensing

Pattern projectors are a critical component in 3D sensing applications. Light-coding and active-stereo systems such as the Realsense D400 (TM) product family, utilize compact dot pattern projectors to provide a high-resolution 3D image.

Infrared random dot projectors

To avoid discomforting the user and for eye-safety reasons, commonly infrared wavelengths are used, typically 830nm, 850nm, 940nm. The infrared dot projector should match the FOV of the cameras, and the number of dots is optimized to the cameras’ resolution. IR pattern projectors are required to be small and lowcost, to fit into consumer devices. Some robotics applications operate at higher range, such as 3-8 meters, which requires higher optical power.

Engage Photonics IR dot projectors feature exceptional uniformity, dot density and contrast. Patterns up to 93 deg. full angle are available.

Compact SMT IR pattern projectors

SMT pattern projectors are based on VCSEL array light source. They provide very small size and footprint, 4.5×4.5×4.5 mm. Mass producible, SMT mounted and customizable at high quantities.

Mid-range IR pattern projectors

Mid-range pattern projectors feature few hundred mW to 2W optical peak power, at 850nm and 940nm wavelengths. Features: up to 61k quasi-random dots, integrated eye-safety circuit, thermistor and laser power monitor signal.

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Configurable Red and IR pattern projectors

Configurable pattern projectors can be adapted to any application. Beam power, mechanical interface,  can be customized per specification.

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Lensless IR pattern projectors

Lensless pattern projectors utilize advanced Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) which eliminate the need in a collimating lens. While offering reduced contrast relative to their collimated-beam counterparts, these projectors are free from the undesired zero-order beam and reduce module cost.

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Custom dot pattern projector

Engage Photonics offer development and mass production of pattern projectors at any wavelength from 400nm to infrared. Be sure to send us your specifications.

Find an optimal solution for your 3D sensing system

We have 8 years of experience in 3D sensing system design and characterization. If you are not sure about your pattern projector requirements, send us your 3D sensor camera data and we would be glad to offer an optimal existing or custom solution for your application.