Custom Microstructured Diffuser

Engage Photonics design and manufacture microstructured diffusers. These components are widely used as light shapers, beam splitters, light homogenizers. Indispensable for applications such as General Lighting, Automotive, Machine Vision and Inspection, Robotics, 3D sensing.

Diffusers are available as Polymer (PET) or Polymer on Glass.

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Point-source diffusers

Common engineered diffusers are designed to transform a collimated beam into a certain illuminated angular coverage. Our point-source-type diffusers, are designed to transform light directly from the source, such as an edge-emitting laser diode, without the need in a collimating lens.

Collimated-beam diffusers

Collimated-beam diffusers transform a collimated beam into a prescription-shaped distribution of light. Light shaping can be arbitrary and can be designed for any wavelength. Send us your specifications.

Collimated Beam Diffuser