Illumination Modules

Engage Photonics design and manufacture custom illumination modules for Automotive, Robotics, Drones and Machine Vision applications.

High range Automotive illuminators

Automotive modules are designed for TOF or gated imaging, based on VCSEL array or edge-emitting laser diode bars. Wavelengths range from NIR to SWIR. Illumination is designed for ranges up to 200m.

Short and Mid range illuminators for Robotics and Drones

Short-range and mid-range illumination modules typically provide up to few-watt peak power, with 3 ns rise time or shorter. Wavelengths are typically NIR, from 830nm to 940nm. FOV covered can be up to 120 deg, with high uniformity.

Machine Vision Illumination Modules

Illumination module for spot or line imaging, high uniformity of irradiance.

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