Camera focusing SW for computer vision application development and for production line

Suitable for USB UVC, USB non-UVC, and GigE cameras.
  • Repeatable and quantitative camera focusing
  • Does not require image sharpness evaluation by technician
  • Fast
  • Option: save MTF

Typical Camera focusing solutions

The commonly used setup for camera focusing is based on an illuminated target, which is positioned at the designated distance from the camera. The patterns in the target typically consist of fine features, such as Ronchi ruling, Spoke or other targets. Patterns in the industry vary by shapes and sizes, and they are never one-size-fits-all.

Traditional solution: the lightbox

  • Limited to short distance focusing
  • Limited FOV
  • Requires target change for each camera type

Drawbacks and pitfalls

The drawbacks in such solutions are numerous, for instance you can’t focus a camera to a distance larger than box height or available office space, and you can’t check the sharpness of a high-FOV camera across the complete FOV at once.

The greatest drawback is that typically a technician has to judge the image sharpness, by looking at fine details on a display. This is known as an unsuitable method for production, which requires repeatability, traceability, speed, automation, and more.

…One day, the cameras’ performance dramatically improved

A production line station of large imagers had two technicians assembling and focusing long-range cameras. It was well known that optical performance depended on who was working on that day, as the sharpness judgement of the two guys was different. One day, the cameras’ performance suddenly “improved”. The reason was simply that the display in the assembly room had been upgraded.

How LiveFOCUS software works

Whether the solution uses target projection tubes or not, LiveFOCUS locates the focus targets in one or more FOV regions and continuously measures the sharpness level in real time, as the camera is being focused.
When the curves peak, you’re done, fix the lens. Next camera.

Optical Operation

Target projection tubes are aimed at objective entrance pupil.

Testing at two FOV regions, as follows.

Consult Engage Photonics regarding your objective. Contact us.

Focusing to large distances

What if my camera is to be focused to 100m

LiveFOCUS solution comes with target projection tubes which are calibrated to project the focusing target to a selected distance:

  • Object at infinity or large distance
  • Object at close distance
  • Virtual object

Virtual objects are useful for applications like retinal imaging systems.