Optical Design and Prototyping

System-level approach enables us to address a wide range of considerations at an early stage, from application-specific image quality and image-processing algorithmic requirements to device dimensions, optomechanical tolerances, as well as environmental considerations, such as shock and vibration and thermal conditions.

We design injection-molded polymer aspheric and freeform components, molded glass components as well as micro-optical and diffractive elements.


Our main expertise is designing miniature (few-mm) photonic devices, and miniaturizing existing systems.

Such developments also involve prototyping and testing lab, as well as a continuous process of developing assembly and production processes.

Imaging for AI and computer vision

Making the connection between lens properties and CV system performance is often an unanswered task. It is our specialty to accurately study the computer vision application and match a lens or complete camera with tailored properties, for various sensing and machine vision applications, such as learning systems (ML/AI/CNN), stereo 3D sensing, multispectral imaging.